Traditional Kava

Van Kava

Kava from Vanuatu is the finest, most desired in the world. Vanuatu has a moderate flavor and smooth texture with a very strong effect

Archie Kava

This is the ultimate Kava from the Solomon Islands. Considered “Top Shelf” kava that is strong, smooth, and longer lasting then any other

Instant Kava Specialties

ED Shell

Traditional flavor. Single dose of highly concentrated instant kava (powdered) and 6oz Archie (liquid), shaken. Very strong and effective. Recommended your first Kava Experience.

punch in the face

Traditional flavor. Double dose of highly concentrated instant kava (powdered) and 8oz Archie (liquid), shaken.

Training Wheels

Frozen Kava Piña Colada

Frozen strawberry kava daiquiri

Kava Margarita (on the rocks or frozen)

Kava Lix Shots

Mangos of Madness

Mango, orange, and apple

Tom Sellix

Coffee flavor, cherry, and brown-sugar cinnamon

Key Lix Pie

A smooth blend of sweet and sour key lime

Kava Sunrise

A smooth, tropical Lix that ensures that your mind never leaves the perfect beach sunrise

Sir Lix-a-Latte

Coffee flavor with your choice of vanilla or caramel flavoring


Fresh banana and coconut

Lix on the Beach

Fresh pineapple and assorted fruit flavors

Mixed Kava Drinks

Jenna’s Lix Cocktail

A double serving of a lix shot of your choice, mixed with a Redbull©, served in a tall glass.

Fish’s Kavachino: The Kavasutra version of a White Russian

5oz Van Classic Kava, 2oz cold brew coffee, splash of creamer.

Ron’s WM-Tea

Double dose. One serving of WMD mixed into a HOT organic tea of your choice.

Hubbard’s Boca Shell

One serving instant mixed into apple juice

Double Double

Double Van Kava, 2 servings of WMD powder. Shaken, not stirred.

Tea & Kombucha

Citrus Ginger White

Cherry White

Lapsang Souchong

Moroccan Mint

Jasmin Pearl

Acai Berry Oolong

Mango Black

Yerba Mate


Black Matcha



Cold Brew Coffee

Brewed at room temperature, to ensure the bitter oils and acidity aren’t released. This process takes 16-24 hours to complete. Served black, over ice, and diluted with water. Cream and sweetener available upon request.

Hot Coffee

When you order our hot coffee you will receive your own French press. Wait until your coffee is finished brewing, then press the pump slowly down to the bottom and smell the fresh aroma that is created. Your coffee is ready to enjoy.